First Timers Unite!

As April 18th came and went anticipation grew… We were on our way to pick up our new to us travel trailer. We had researched for months on the ins and outs of rvs and which floor plan would work for us. My husband the awesome man that he is was even nervous. He has hauled plenty of stuff for work purposes, but a travel trailer? no way, definitely not a 36 fter! We stopped that night to get some rest before we finished our venture in picking the trailer up. We awoke Saturday morning and headed out. Our plan was to pick it up and head on out back to Texas. It was pretty windy in Oklahoma that day so we were definitely feeling it. As we drove on my husband says we need to stop at the nearest Camping World to get a sway bar or else this will be a crappy 13hr drive back. Ha! If only it had been that easy. 1912235_10203751118167348_794497862602941707_n

We pull into Camping World and start shopping. We found the one we wanted and needed to help with the drive only to find out it was missing pieces and we didn’t have the tools needed to install it. So when we finally asked for help we were told so much more needed to be done then what we assumed. Yay! (insert sarcasm here!) The staff at Camping World is awesome though they took care of us way more then expected and never once made us feel like losers for not knowing anything. So what was supposed to be a quick in and out turned into a 2 and half hour wait for the sway bar to be installed on the trailer and truck. Haha. Pretty much any expectation of being able to get to our destination that day were gone, long gone. We didn’t end up leaving there until 2:30, but with a MUCH smoother ride.

Our first night in the RV wasn’t what you’d expect. A normal first time would include power, ac and all that normal stuff right?? (Unless you boon dock) Wrong. We ended up having to pull over somewhere near San Antonio and sleep in the truck parking of a travel center. No AC, no power (besides the little bit that the truck batteries gave to the RV), no nothing. To say we got a great nights rest would be the understatement of the century ha! The next morning we were up and at em at 6 am *yawn*. We had 5 hrs left on the road and boy did they drag on and on. We arrived around 11:30-12. It was a beautiful day, but we were too exhausted and had way too much to do to enjoy the day to its fullest. We set out to set up the trailer… that was interesting! First not only did we pull in too far so that we would walk right out into the huge sticker patch that we were lucky enough to find, but also one of our slide outs would end up hitting the power hook ups from the park. Yeah we are those people… We even managed to knock the trailer tongue jack off into the sand! Oh the day was going so great haha. Everything worked itself out though and we got it all set up and hooked up.


That night was our first “official” night in the RV and we definitely got a much better nights rest. Now was the time to start piecing everything back together. I found out I STILL had way too much crap haha! Oh the joys of being a family of five…



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