We’ve made a few updates throughout the RV lately one major one was getting rid of the hideous blinds that cover our front door. That also meant getting rid of the big valence we had over head. I was way too giddy about it, but what I can say it makes a huge difference in here!

photo 2(6)


I had my husband do the muscle work for me! Love him! He installed a cheap curtain rod I found at Wal Mart. Then it was my turn to play. I had found a really cute shower curtain at TJ Maxx the day before so I bought some curtain clips from Wal Mart and went to work. I love how it turned out I only wish I would have bought the other one that was there so I could make some curtains for the rest of the windows in here. I may just have to find some fabric that works with the colors. We shall see.

photo 3(1)


photo 4

We’ve also changed all the lights to LED lights, the others put off too much heat in here. We also replaced a few fixtures in the bathroom. Starting with the shower head the old one was tiny and never gave enough water. The new one we have is so much better! All the faucets in here except the kitchen sink are ugly. So I found this pretty oil rubbed bronze sink fixture and it looks tons better, next will be the shower with a matching one.


photo 1(9)


We have also went to the beach a few times. I personally dislike the sand and sun so I usually stay in my shade. The first time we went I had thought I put enough sun screen on, but apparently it didn’t work so needless to say I was a lobster by days in. I’m still peeling!


photo 2(5)

photo 1(5)

A few days later a friend came to visit so we went to the beach with our dogs. We only took our boxer this time because our dachshund is still healing from his broken paw. I was pleasantly surprised to see our boxer love the water. Heck he loves everything and everyone. He sure gave us a run for our money. I probably should take him out more often lol!

photo 1(7)

photo 2(8)


Mark and I bought the boys some boogie boards because they have wanted some for a while. Well over the weekend they finally got to try them out. We had a late start to the beach and I chose one farther away from the hotels this time. I was pretty disappointed to see the seaweed hadn’t been cleaned up out here like it usually is on the hotel front, but we made do with what we were given. Since we had such a late start we didn’t stay too long because we didn’t want to get stuck in the horrible traffic the island has on weekends. We luckily didn’t have to sit in traffic for too long and avoided the huge mess it normally is. We tend to stay home or away from the island as much as possible on weekends because of it, but the boys stay pretty occupied with the friends they’ve made here at the RV park. 🙂

photo 4 (2)

photo 3(2)

photo 1(8)


I have to say it was really nice getting out and about a bit on the weekend. We spent Fathers Day at the RV just being lazy all day. Most likely the way my husband prefers it ;).


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