The 4th and a Pool Party.

I haven’t been around lately, though I’m sure y’all have noticed. We really haven’t done much besides for the 4th. We went to San Antonio and spent a few days with family and seeing some sites. It was definitely a nice change of pace. Normally we would either sit at home and shoots off fireworks or we went to someone’s house and had cookouts.

While in San Antonio we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns, The Alamo and the Riverwalk. I can successfully say we throughly enjoyed ourselves.








Also it was my youngest birthday this past Friday. He turned 6 years old! Crazy! I feel like these past 6 years have went by so fast. We just had a small pool party for him with some friends we have made down here. It was a great day. It’s safe to say he’s pretty happy ;).


Not much else going on here. We moved RV parks a few weeks ago so we are closer to Mark’s work which is nice since we can now see him at lunch. But we have honestly just been RV bums and hanging out at the pool. Hopefully I can have more interesting posts in the next few weeks and I won’t try to run off again 😉



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