Twiddling Thumbs


For all of my adult married life I have been at stay at home wife/mom, but now that the boys are older and don’t need their mommy every second of the day to entertain them I’m finding it hard to entertain myself. I dabbled in photography a bit when the kids were younger and loved it. Now that we are traveling and I am homeschooling I don’t get out much. Before the road I had 8 hrs of alone time a day so I kept myself occupied with Zumba, shopping, friends and food. I don’t necessarily have that luxury anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love this lifestyle, but I do still miss my 8 hrs of me time lol! I don’t know anyone who really wouldn’t honestly. So I’ve been on a quest to find something to help keep me from feeling the effects of cabin fever and maybe even make a few bucks off of, but most importantly just something that makes me happy and proud to say I did that (besides my kids).



I’ve scoured Pinterest forever trying to find something that could fit into my RV life. Wreaths, Decor, Sewing etc.. I don’t know! I love refinishing furniture I’m not fantastic at it, but I loved the few pieces I did for my house. Obviously if I could I would buy all kinds of old furniture or the like and re-finish it all. Though as we all know is not exactly feasible in a small RV or any RV for that matter. So many options and so little space! Ha! I am also a big sweets person so baking would be something I’d consider, except its Summer in South Texas and hot as can be! Yikes… that sounds as enjoyable as being stuck in the desert with no water. Kind of. šŸ˜‰

dresser tableSo what is a girl with my dilemma to do?? I don’t exactly know yet, but I’m sure I’ll come to the conclusion soon. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back in to photography so who knows maybe you will see some more pictures again in the near future. Or you will be seeing some crafts who knows! I like surprises sometimes šŸ˜‰



One thought on “Twiddling Thumbs

  1. I am at a similar spot in my life, although my kids are older — one just graduated from homeschool and the other has another year and half or so. She really only needs me to facilitate her learning, not “teach.” So, I am now looking for a hobby or an activity that is for me. Good luck in your search for that for yourself. Photography is a great activity for travelers, and if your photo of the little guy above is any indication of your skill, I’m thinking it’s a good option for you.

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