Chicago Skyline seen from the Museum window

Chicago Skyline seen from the Museum window

When we found out we were coming up to Indiana for a job it was not only last-minute, it was fast. I made the decision to leave my SUV as it needed an oil change and just didn’t feel like making a 1500 mile trip in a truck with no one to help me drive just yet lol. So since I didn’t have my car here I haven’t done a whole lot of getting out and about which to be honest I am perfectly fine with and since Mark only gets one day off we chose to use it as a time to go see Chicago.

Field Museum

Field Museum


I’ve always wanted to go see the windy city. I’m not really sure why, maybe just to say I’ve been, but its been a desire for as long as I can remember. We have only ever been close enough once before and just didn’t have the budget or the time so I’m really glad we did it finally. We decided we were going to go check out the Field Museum because our oldest is pretty fascinated with history and the like. Now if only we would have remembered to check the NFL schedule! 😉 Since the game that Sunday happened to be in town we had to park the truck over at Millennium Park and can I just say I have never wished we had a car so bad until that day. Marks truck is huge and underground parking garages are SCARY! But we made it work and found a spot. Luckily (or not so luckily) we just dealt with tailgating traffic after we parked the truck. We left the Museum we left before the game ended. I do have to say its kind of cool to be so close to the stadium that you can hear the announcers that you were normally only see on TV, but I still was not interested enough to stay haha.

Solider Field

Solider Field

If you’ve never been to Chicago go and definitely check out the Field Museum it is great and very educational for the kiddos. I actually enjoyed it and I HATE history. We were there for hours and still never got to see everything. (THREE STORIES y’all!) We were able to check out one of the 3D movies they had there and all I can say is I wanted to take a nap. Not because it was boring, but because I had just been walking enough. lol

After the Museum we walked back to Millennium Park to see the Bean and hopefully find something to eat. The Bean was awfully packed and the kids did NOT enjoy to long walk back. I have to say I was pretty exhausted too. I will say I didn’t want to leave the city I wanted to see more. We thought about going back today but we were just not feeling up to a lot of walking. Maybe next time. I still want to go see Navy Pier, the aquarium and just see the sights some more.

bean3 bean2 bean

From here we will head to Iowa sooner or later I will get my truck back haha. Check back soon! 🙂


The 4th and a Pool Party.

I haven’t been around lately, though I’m sure y’all have noticed. We really haven’t done much besides for the 4th. We went to San Antonio and spent a few days with family and seeing some sites. It was definitely a nice change of pace. Normally we would either sit at home and shoots off fireworks or we went to someone’s house and had cookouts.

While in San Antonio we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns, The Alamo and the Riverwalk. I can successfully say we throughly enjoyed ourselves.








Also it was my youngest birthday this past Friday. He turned 6 years old! Crazy! I feel like these past 6 years have went by so fast. We just had a small pool party for him with some friends we have made down here. It was a great day. It’s safe to say he’s pretty happy ;).


Not much else going on here. We moved RV parks a few weeks ago so we are closer to Mark’s work which is nice since we can now see him at lunch. But we have honestly just been RV bums and hanging out at the pool. Hopefully I can have more interesting posts in the next few weeks and I won’t try to run off again 😉