Summer Heat

So whoever had the bright idea that one AC in a 36 ft RV was a great idea…was dead WRONG!! I’m dying over here. All is well in the morning for while in fact most mornings I’m freezing and need my blanket, but come afternoon I’m literally sweating my butt off. No amount of fans or little clothing can help this chick out. I told my husband today that I will be glad when fall and winter come around so I can actually not dread being in my RV in hottest part of the day haha (polar vortex why did you miss us??) Now it doesn’t help that South Texas has little to no shade trees in their RV parks. Why?? I have no freaking clue!

We are toying with the idea of upgrading our AMP system and installing another AC unit above our bedroom, but we all know that costs money. Why can’t money grow on trees? If we really had known what we were getting ourselves into we may have passed on this RV. Now don’t get me wrong I really like this RV it has everything we needed plus some wants, but the 30 amp system and one AC are BIG negatives for us at the moment. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve blown the breaker and of course the HEAT. I’m sure things would be looking different had we been in a cooler climate for the summer time, but we aren’t. We do know that upgrading those items are still cheaper than buying a different RV so obviously we are sticking it out ;).

Of course we are still adjusting to life in a RV and we all know it’s completely different then a house life so there are definitely some big learning curves. We try not to have so many things plugged in when we need to use the microwave for longer then 1 minute or when we know we are going to use the hot water and it in turn turns on we make sure to not use the microwave or have too many things running. We have been running our water heater on the electric lately because we have no idea how much propane we have and haven’t filled it since we bought it. I know right? We are slackers ;).

It’s been so hot lately I’ve turned to sheets covering the windows and paper blinds. I will so enjoy being able to have real curtains and windows open when it cools down. I think I may have found some fabric to make curtains out of to match the big curtain on my sliding glass door. Now I need to just decide on curtain rods and how I want to hang said curtains. My sewing machine and I have a love hate relationship so the less sewing the better. πŸ˜‰ I am going to be putting a black out fabric on the back so I can block out as heat as possible when needed and sun. Next on the redo list is the bedroom! I’m considering making a headboard to block the window above our bed. It’s just not realistic for us to have it not blocked. We never use our windows in our room as my husband loves a dark bedroom and can’t stand any lights when he sleeps. So I’m on the search for fabric for that and the curtains on the opposite window in the room. πŸ™‚

I hope y’all stick around since some exciting changes are going to be happening soon hopefully! Don’t forget to go check out my Facebook page Sweet Home RV atΒ I’d love to have y’all over there too!





Twiddling Thumbs


For all of my adult married life I have been at stay at home wife/mom, but now that the boys are older and don’t need their mommy every second of the day to entertain them I’m finding it hard to entertain myself. I dabbled in photography a bit when the kids were younger and loved it. Now that we are traveling and I am homeschooling I don’t get out much. Before the road I had 8 hrs of alone time a day so I kept myself occupied with Zumba, shopping, friends and food. I don’t necessarily have that luxury anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love this lifestyle, but I do still miss my 8 hrs of me time lol! I don’t know anyone who really wouldn’t honestly. So I’ve been on a quest to find something to help keep me from feeling the effects of cabin fever and maybe even make a few bucks off of, but most importantly just something that makes me happy and proud to say I did that (besides my kids).



I’ve scoured Pinterest forever trying to find something that could fit into my RV life. Wreaths, Decor, Sewing etc.. I don’t know! I love refinishing furniture I’m not fantastic at it, but I loved the few pieces I did for my house. Obviously if I could I would buy all kinds of old furniture or the like and re-finish it all. Though as we all know is not exactly feasible in a small RV or any RV for that matter. So many options and so little space! Ha! I am also a big sweets person so baking would be something I’d consider, except its Summer in South Texas and hot as can be! Yikes… that sounds as enjoyable as being stuck in the desert with no water. Kind of. πŸ˜‰

dresser tableSo what is a girl with my dilemma to do?? I don’t exactly know yet, but I’m sure I’ll come to the conclusion soon. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back in to photography so who knows maybe you will see some more pictures again in the near future. Or you will be seeing some crafts who knows! I like surprises sometimes πŸ˜‰