Mistakes, goals and anniversaries

I just realized today that we passed our 6th month mark last month! I really must have just been functioning on auto pilot to not think twice bout it! I hate when that happens. Anyway since we have hit 6 months I want to share our goals for our fulltimeing adventure and some what not to dos in rving.

What we’ve learned NOT to do-

– Don’t under any circumstances leave the awning out while you’re gone even if it’s not windy… Trust me one this. 😉
– Make sure all cabinet doors are secured before travel… Especially ones near slides.
– Make sure when filling black tank to rinse it (just for good measure) you do not leave the bathroom unattended… Again trust me in that.
– When pulling into a campground make sure fence posts are going to be far enough away and or all gates are open before turning in. Your camper will thank you.

As you can see we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, but the way I see it is if we don’t make mistakes then we wouldn’t be learning. If you aren’t learning then you aren’t growing so I feel like we re doing just fine in this thing called life. I’m sure we will be making plenty more so stay tuned, but for now here are our (my) goals for the future. Not real far in advance but I would love to finish this project of painting I’ve taken on.

Goals for the Future-

– Finish painting
– Organize RV
– Finish hanging curtains
– Hang decor
– Paint bunks for the boys
– Paint bathroom
– Paint bedrooms
– Make up my mind on what do with the cabinets ha!

As you can see I have quite a bit left to do to make it homey. It’s coming a lot though as I have painted the majority of the living room area and one curtain is hung haha! Maybe I’ll try to get it all painted before Christmas. That’s a big maybe as I have plenty to focus on, school, cleaning, organizing etc. it’s a busy life as a stay at home homeschooling parent. I wouldn’t trade it though.


Hello Indiana.

So I know I said we were going to be stationary awhile, but things change only for 3 weeks though. Though I can’t say I’m disappointed ;). I am going to thoroughly enjoy the cooler weather. We had to come up here so my husband can help finish a job that needs done quick. We signed up for this lifestyle so while the 1500 mile trip seemed daunting we were up for it.

We left out Saturday for Oklahoma so we could visit my mom for a day and can I just say that trip was a nightmare. We only made it as far as New Braunfels before one of our RV tires blew. We had signed up for Good Sam roadside assistance back in July while on vacation in San Antonio so we of course called them to help us out. What I figured would have been a quick fix turned into a 4 hr nightmare and we just ended up having to replace everything ourselves. Yay! :/ So by 6:30 pm we were back on the road and on our way to Oklahoma. Made it to Waco before the other tire on the same side blew, by then we were so exhausted and frustrated we just got a hotel room and called 24 hr tire repair. So what was supposed to be a one day trip turned into two.

photo 2


We finally made it to Oklahoma Sunday afternoon and proceeded in being lazy the rest of the day. 🙂 Mark had been having some pains in his right side and we were worried it was his appendix so we got him in to the DR as soon as possible. Turns out he just strained a muscle or something at work a few days prior. Thank goodness he didn’t need emergency surgery. So that was a few extra days, Nana and the boys sure didn’t mind.

photo 1 (2)

We headed out to Indiana Wednesday morning and made it in around 1am. That was fun setting everything up and trying to be quiet. We finally made it to bed by 3 am and can I just say it was freezing! I needed like 3 layers of blankets to warm up lol.


It is beautiful at this campground lots of trees, everything’s green! I can’t say I’m disappointed waking up to the smell of trees and campfires. 🙂 My youngest has already exclaimed that he loves it here and he doesn’t want to leave. I sure do wish they had wifi, but I guess I will look at it as a way to help me disconnect some from the internet. As I edit this post I’m sitting in a Chick Fil A freezing my butt off! LOL Still working on getting a ATT hot spot device for home use. Hopefully soon! Bare with me as I am slow blogging for now. 🙂